8 Reasons Why Being an Auntie is the Greatest

I have always loved kids but felt that I never truly understood how to connect with them, how to earn their trust, or to explain things in a way they would understand. I never had a little brother or sister, and I'd always been the "baby" everywhere I went whether it was with family, friends, … Continue reading 8 Reasons Why Being an Auntie is the Greatest

What’s Your Attachment Style?

No, this isn't one of those "ooh, let's see who I really am based on my favorite colors, middle name, and state I was born in" posts (even though I kinda like those sometimes, hehe). This¬†attachment style business is actually from an academic textbook (Interpersonal Communication-Everyday Encounters by: Julia T. Wood) that I am reading … Continue reading What’s Your Attachment Style?