I Came Out Taller Than the Trees

Walking through dirt encrusted trails while my ponytail bobbles around and my backpack holds my precious waterbottle, protien bar, and journal is all it takes to make me happy. I like to pretend I'm Cheryl Strayed from 'Wild', a true story about a woman who hiked alone on the Pacific Crest Trail¬†for three months with … Continue reading I Came Out Taller Than the Trees

Beer, BBQ, and Leg Spasms.

This past weekend was the epitome of fun in the sun in California. I could go into detail about each day and how it was filled with people that I love and moments I'll cherish, but I'd like to just focus on Saturday; beautiful, whimsical Saturday. Out on the Russian River, Stumptown Brewery¬†threw it's 13th … Continue reading Beer, BBQ, and Leg Spasms.