Hi, I’m Andrea…


I’m a simple gal who lives in the heart of the North Bay (just north of San Francisco, CA), where the redwoods are thick and the flowers bloom in no particular order. I spend a good portion of my time too comfortable for my own good, usually nestled in between my two comforters and 9 pillows. But, I also like to get out and surround myself in the trees, with friends and family, and at a local brewery sipping on whatever IPA is on tap.


I’m a people person, passionate about helping others [you!] live happy, healthy lives. I believe that too much of our time is focused on work, romantic relationships, family dynamics, material possessions etc. and that we’re neglecting what needs to be nurtured the most-ourselves.

By focusing more of our attention on loving ourselves and our personal growth, I believe we’re able to live a life of authenticity and truth.

When you add Mother Nature into this mix, a sense of connectivity to the world around you begins to form and ultimately life begins to feel more whole.

So, basically, I’m here to inspire you to start loving your whole-authentic self, by weaving self-love and personal growth tips into your life and by encouraging you to get out in nature, the most healing form of medicine there is ❤




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