8 Reasons Why Being an Auntie is the Greatest


I have always loved kids but felt that I never truly understood how to connect with them, how to earn their trust, or to explain things in a way they would understand. I never had a little brother or sister, and I’d always been the “baby” everywhere I went whether it was with family, friends, school, work etc. Sure, I’d seen other people’s kids and thought they were cute, but I didn’t have an emotional connection with them to fully comprehend just how amazing those little mini humans were.

It wasn’t until October 2014 that my eyes were opened to the most fulfilling and rewarding title I’ve ever had; Auntie.

Becoming an Auntie has changed my life in so many ways. I feel that I owe so much to my nephew Max and niece Amelia I’m almost crying just thinking about it…and soon, I’ll have another niece to love and cherish who will probably also bring me to tears just thinking about her. They have shown me a brand new way of looking at the world, one where curiosity leads and exploration follows. A life so uninterrupted by the petty discrepancies out in the world, that when I’m with them nothing else matters except for making sure the wheels in their curious minds are constantly turning.




I instantly become a teacher of all things visible to their beautiful eyes; “that’s a bumble bee Max, we can look at them but we can’t touch because they are very sharp.” Max then repeats in a soft serious voice, “very sharp” and my heart melts at the simplicity of this once in a lifetime learning experience he and I have just shared. Amelia (Meli), not yet talking, reminds me just how exciting the world can be when you are viewing it for the first time. A ceiling fan, nothing special right? Well, to Amelia that large spinning object blowing air on her was the equivalent to us watching a UFO invade our atmosphere. Pure delight!

I could go on forever, but I will save you from my dense paragraphs and introduce to you,

8 Reasons Why Being an Auntie is the Greatest

  1. You get to see the world through a new lens-Everything becomes an object of curiosity.

  2. Your baby fever is fulfilled without actually having a baby– While everyone around you starts having kids and getting serious, you still have the freedom you want while having babies close enough to you that you don’t need your own.

  3. Holidays are a million times better– As you get older holidays aren’t as special as they used to be, that is until a baby comes along and you can’t wait to spoil them!

  4. Your family becomes closer-Babies have a way of bringing people together, and you find yourself spending more time with your loved ones.

  5. Your niece/nephew love you the most-Your not too old, so your niece/nephew think you are the coolest and aren’t going to get them in trouble.

  6. You don’t need a gym membership-Nieces/nephews have more energy than an energizer bunny and will have you running around for hours.

  7. You always feel loved-When your brother or sister tells you that your niece/nephew asked about you when you weren’t around, you feel so loved.

  8. They make any bad day feel better– You can scroll through pictures of your niece/nephew when your feeling down and instantly feel a smile spread across your face.

Share why you love being an Auntie (or Uncle), I’d love to hear from you!

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