I Came Out Taller Than the Trees

I always find myself in the woods

Walking through dirt encrusted trails while my ponytail bobbles around and my backpack holds my precious waterbottle, protien bar, and journal is all it takes to make me happy. I like to pretend I’m Cheryl Strayed from ‘Wild‘, a true story about a woman who hiked alone on the Pacific Crest Trail for three months with nothing but the contents of her backpack. Although I’m sure she was scared at times,

I can’t help but wonder how free the sky made her feel and how connected she became to the trees around her.

Whenever I go hiking or simply spend time in nature, I become reaquainted with myself; and today, I took a solo trip to Armstrong Woods to do just that. The Redwoods were calling my name all morning, and I knew it was because I’ve been ignoring myself a bit this past week. Between work, interviews, weddings, and worrying too much about other people, I made myself antsy…I hate being antsy.

IMG_4251.JPGLuckily, I live just 20 minutes from this magical oasis of trees and trails and I was instantly put at ease when I looked up and saw skyscraping Redwoods standing sturdy and strong. It seemed like there was an infinite amount of trees and plants there, doing nothing except living in the moment and welcoming me into their majestic home. The soft breeze that flowed between each branch made the leaves dance and birds chirp. I couldn’t resist the urge to sit on a fallen over tree trunk, to close my eyes and let the sun kiss me with it’s glow as I listened to the natural crackles of the woods.When it was time to go, I felt restored and energized…a far stretch from my antsy antics only a few hours earlier.

 I share this post because I know how easy it is to forget to do what makes you feel the most alive. Maybe you think to yourself, “a bike ride sounds nice” but don’t do it because you’re “too tired”, or Netflix has sucked you in for the millionth time and you choose your laptop over your paintbrushes…whatever it is, make time to do what you love people!  The best things come into your life when you’re doing what you love, when your mind is at peace and you are able to open yourself up to the wonders of the world.

I entered the woods today feeling okay, but when I left I came out taller and stronger than the Redwoods that surrounded me.

I’d love to hear what you do that makes you feel the most happy and alive-big or small, it don’t matta’ 🙂


2 thoughts on “I Came Out Taller Than the Trees

  1. mrsmelbs says:

    When I was younger, hiking did this for me as well! I would spend an entire afternoon alone in the woods, not sure if I would remember how to get back out and being perfectly at peace with that. These days, my time is Limited and I most definitely cannot stray as far… So I jog. Not only does it feel wonderful to do something that is great for my body, but it is the only time I am alone in my head. I simply don’t have capacity or energy to worry about anything but myself when I run and as a result find ways to further better myself while I’m doing it. Cheers to moving your body and clearing your head!

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  2. Rilaina says:

    Wild was one of my favorite books. Just looking at the wind through any kind of tree has always calmed me down and lifted me up! When I used to get car sick as a kid, looking at the tree tops out the car window made me feel better. Being by myself listening to nothing but nature has always recharged my batteries. I love Armstrong woods and I’m so happy you find it as magical as I do 🙂 You should make a trip to Sequoia National Park! HUGE trees. We tried to go once but were blocked by snow and a mudslide. Which was an adventure in itself! Maybe we could all go someday!

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