I’m sure you’ve shared a good ol’ fashioned #TBT (Throwback Thursday) at least once in your social media/hashtag using endeavors, but what about a #ThankfulThursday?Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good #TBT, but it’s so yesterday…literally!  Reflecting on our past is a great way to learn and grow, however it’s also a catalyst for us to miss living in the present moment.

#ThankfulThursday is an alternative option for those of you looking to express gratitude for what you have-not what you had or wish you still had. It challenges you to find those treasures in your present lives that you may overlook, those things that in a few years you’ll realize you took for granted and most likely post a #TBT about.

Currently there are 324,212,427 #tbt posts on Instagram, not including the 32,121,819 #throwbackthursday posts….

….While there is only 317,935 #ThankfulThursday posts

I challenge you to live in the moment and post a #ThankfulThursday today!

Here’s what I’m #ThankfulThursday for:


Max and I had a 15 minute cheddar bunnies date on his couch where he just sat there next to me without squirming or rolling all over the place, and we calmly enjoyed the glory of these cheesy crackers-I am very thankful for these little moments with him ❤

Thanks for reading!

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