Confessions From a Freshly Hatched College Grad

It’s been a whopping two days since my college graduation at San Francisco State. And somehow I already feel my world beginning to tilt in a distinctly different direction.

I mean, aside from answering the predictable “what was your major”question, along with the complementary, “oh, what will you do with that?”, I feel like I’m already conscious of the less than certain chapter I’m entering into.

What will I do with no repetitious papers to write or scholarly peer-reviewed articles to read? Will I continue waking up in panic thinking that I missed the 11:59 p.m. deadline for my online quiz?

The truth is, I’m not sure of anything.

What I believe to be true as of this very moment could quite possibly change tomorrow. Today, I envision a travel-filled year with no serious obligations. Two days from now I could come across theĀ perfect nine to fiveĀ job opportunity.

There’s just no telling where life will take me as I enter this uncharted territory, and honestly I’m pretty happy about it.

I’ve never in my twenty-two years had a time in my existence that didn’t involve a calculated “next step.” As children we were programmed to learn to read and perfect our multiplication skills. Then, we needed to make it to practice on time and ask our parents if we were allowed to go to the movies. Shortly after that, we were thrown into high school where we were asked what we were gonna do after we finished the twelfth grade. Once we made up our minds to either go to college or not, there were all these steps we needed to take in order to get to that place we wanted to go. Now, all those hoops, ladders, and shitty roommate situations have subsided and I don’t actually have a clear sight of what’s to come.

It’s quite an amazing feeling, I must say. Because, in my eyes the world is infinite and I have endless possibilities now that I’m not tied down to any obligatory order of operations. I understand however that this wont last forever, that someday I’ll have more responsibility than I could ever imagine…

..which is exactly I intend to enjoy each and every second of this fleeting time in my life.

So, as a freshly hatched college graduate I think it’s safe to say that I have never been more excited for my future. Mostly because I don’t know what it holds.

Check back with me in a couple months though, I’m bound to have a young twenty something life crisis at some point!

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