I Ate Too Many Carbs & Now I Feel Like a Loaf of Bread.


Maybe you just got done eating too much pasta, and then had a bowl of cereal, and then got a craving for a snickers bar…bread_1337786114

…Oh, wait, that was me.

I done did it again folks, I couldn’t resist the calling of all things useless carbs and chocolate. I told myself just 4 hours before hand that I was going to eat healthy the rest of the week, clearly that didn’t happen. So, naturally I started feeling guilty and basically felt like a loaf of bread; a deliciously full yet unnecessary existence.

But who wants to feel like a loaf of bread? Not me. I’d rather feel productive, accomplished, and happy! Here’s what I did to change my carb-filled mood:

Organized my closet-This is one of those things I had been putting off for a while. Maybe for you, it’s your dresser, or your jewelry collection…Whatever it may be, completing a cleaning or organizing task that you have avoided for far too long will make you feel great-no matter how many carbs you just ate… 

Took my dogs for a walk-I leave my house several times a day. And each time, my dogs sit at the top of the stairs with hope filling their big round eyes, and their tails wagging to show me they want to go with me. Each time, I feel guilty leaving them there…it must get kind of boring sitting at home all day. So, I decided to take them for a glorious walk. It made me so happy to see them happy and I completely forgot about feeling like a cheese filled jalapeno bagel.


Painted my nails-
Not only does it look nice to have your nails painted, it makes you feel put together. Like, my life may be a frazzled mess at the moment, but nobody can tell because my nails are on fleek and that must mean I have my shit together and most certainly did not consume 1,000 calories in pasta…


Thanks for reading!

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