Five Ways Being Introverted Benefits You

Time and time again introverts are told that they need to learn to be more assertive, more vocal, to “fake it til we make it.” I’m here to tell you that being introverted is a blessing, and that you don’t need to try and make yourself more extroverted. This is because there are dozens of beneficial traits (besides being assertive & life of the party) that introverts possess and society tends to ignore.

Here are the Five Ways Being Introverted Benefits You

  1. You Are Self-Aware– Meaning you are able to recognize yourself as an individual separate from your peers and outside environment. This is extremely beneficial because you are the only thing constant in your life, people and places come and go, if you aren’t in touch with who you are you will continuously seek outside sources to make you happy.


2. You Appreciate Your Friends More-Being an introvert doesn’t mean you don’t have any friends, it just means you are more selective with who you choose to spend your time with. Most likely you have one or two best friends that have an amazing bond with you. These people are like gems to you, cherished and appreciated for their unique quirks and value that they add to your life. You choose quality over quantity any day.


3. You Exnay the Bullshit- We hear and see people talking all the time about needing to let go of all the negative bullshit in their lives. Well, introverts are pretty damn good at that! If you aren’t 100% feeling a particular person or situation, you are pretty quick not to surround yourself there again. People often allow too much stimuli to enter their lives, ultimately draining them of their productivity and/or positivity. But for introverts, it’s peace out girl scout!


4. You Are a Critical Thinker- Not only is critical thinking one of the 21st century job skills that employers are looking for, but it’s a tool that introverts use to make thorough decisions. If your a young 20 something like me, you probably see a lot of your peers make irrational decisions with little to no thought. Not to say there’s anything wrong that, spontaneity is a beautiful thing, but it can lead you down a less than desirable path. As an introvert you are constantly thinking (sometimes too much), and ultimately you use this skill to your advantage; whether it be at work, in a group project for school, or deciding on a car to buy you ponder until you understand what makes most sense.


5. You Are Intriguing- When somebody gets the pleasure of meeting you, chances are they’re intrigued by you. You see, as an introvert you loath small talk and would much rather engage in a deep conversation. This is a breath of fresh air for some people who are used to robotic conversations about weather and the upcoming holidays. You bring depth and a new perspective to any conversation, leaving people curious about any other ideas you have in that brain of yours.



Thanks for reading! Have any other ideas on ways that being introvert benefits you, share them and comment below! 🙂

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