Real Resolutions You and I Can Keep.


Happy New Year y’all! Long time no write, I know..

But here I am writing again (yay), and this time to discuss this whimsical new year and some resolutions we can actually follow through with! As my mom always says, “write it down, make it happen”, so without further ado,


Resolution #1-Write in a journal

I know I know, “ain’t nobody got time to write in a journal”, but what you may find is that taking 10 minutes per week to reflect on your own thoughts and feelings is quite therapeutic. Plus, you’ll thank yourself in 10 years when you re-read everything you wrote!

Resolution #2- Go for more walks

Exercise is probably the most common new year resolution, but we often set to lofty of expectations. Keep it simple and actually doable by promising to just get out and go for a walk every once in a while. Fresh air, sunlight, and trees are a great way to spend some down time that will actually please your soul. Put down the remote, walk around your neighborhood for 20 minutes, heck, you may even see a squirrel or maybe you’ll see a dog in the middle of the road that needs saving..It’s the little things that bring the most joy.

Resolution #3- Refrain from allowing anxiousness and awkwardness to stop you

Our generation may as well be called the Anxious Awkward Generation, because what seems like everyone I know describes at least one anxiety inducing or totally awkward interaction that they can’t seem to wash away. Life is full of uncertainties, which creates a lot of anxiety for some people, but there is no avoiding it. By allowing yourself to feel anxious and recognize why you’re anxious, you are in control again, and you can manage that unsettling feeling. Breath, just breath.

OMG you just saw that one person at the bar who you haven’t talked to in like 2 years after so-and-so said that one thing about you to her and it was totally awkward. So?  Don’t let that awkward moment shape the rest of your night, don’t avoid talking to people, get out there and talk to so-and-so. Who cares if it’s a little uncomfortable, everyone else is too awkward and anxious to do anything, so take charge!


I hope you will try and implement these small resolutions in your life, I know I am, and I’m excited to see where they take me. What are your new year’s resolutions and/or goals for 2016? Comment below!

Until next time,

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