Life Moves Pretty Fast

1389300227907312While, I love Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, that isn’t what this post is going to be about. Instead, I want to focus my attention on the fact that I have not been able to sit down and write out of pleasure in weeks! Life has been moving so fast; papers, performances, work, internship, group projects..the list goes on! While all of these “to-do list” items have been surprisingly enjoyable, they are in fact done out of obligation (for the most part). The one thing I have really been dying to do, is to write a blog post about a few awesome things going on around me in between my unavoidable list of “to-do’s”.


First, was a few weeks ago actually; A two day music festival with a whole smorgasbord of tents! My two besties and I actually found time in between our work and school lives to go enjoy music and camping together. Dry Diggin’s Music Festival was a mixture between a fair and a concert and a camping trip all in one. Let’s just say, it was hard coming back to reality after this trip.

Next, was Max’s 1st birthday! For those of you who don’t know, Max is my nephew, who I love and adore til the end of time! He has taught me so much about love, innocence, and family; stuff that I could have never imagined had he not come into this world. He is the most curious and adventure-seeking boy I know, his smile fills me with joy, and I am amazed watching him grow and learn. So, celebrating his 1st birthday was a pretty big deal…one that I will never forget!


Lastly, I must talk about my dearest Jodie! Joanna, a.k.a Jodie, Jedidiah, Jedsauce, Jedsicle, Jodahoshmishsmosh and I have been spending way more time together lately and I couldn’t be more thankful for her friendship! She and I have a great connection that I honestly feel is once in a life time. She has such a phenomenal energy and outlook on life it’s hard not to fall in love with her dazzling personality. But what’s really been amazing is just having someone around to chit-chat with, have breakfast with, do homework with, basically do everything with! FullSizeRender (14)

So, while life has been moving pretty fast, I felt it necessary to slow down and stop to look around at all of the amazing things going on around me. Gosh, I feel so much better! I hope you all will feel inspired to set aside some time to appreciate all of the positive aspects of your life!

Until next time,

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