Three Crucial Beauty Hacks I Use on the Regular

As a struggling college student, I unfortunately don’t have the time or money to get my once routine $22 brow wax at The Benefit Brow Bar. I also cannot afford the expensive facials or beauty products that help with having a naturally red complexion. And lastly, who has time to wash their hair everyday? Not this girl.

So, what are the Three Crucial Beauty Hacks I Use on the Regular to supplement these costly and time consuming products?

  1. Sally Hansen Wax Strips

IMG_1812Maybe you’ve seen these at your local grocery store and wondered if they really work. Well, I’m here to tell you…they do! Sally Hansen has been taming my wild hyena brows for the last 2 years, and it’s easy-peasy! The wax is compressed between two plastic sheets, heat it up by rubbing the sheets in your hands, peel them apart, and vuala! No mess, no confusion; groomed brows at home in seconds.

Click here to see a video of exactly how it works.

(Note, the girl in the video is not me…but does a great job of showing how to use these bad boys!)


2. N07-Colour Calming Primer

So, I have a naturally red complexion and I struggled for years to find a foundation that I wouldn’t have to cake on to conceal some of my redness. And then I read somewhere that if you use red’s contrasting color, green, that it would counteract the redness of my skin. I bought this “Colour Calming Primer” at Target and I am so glad I did! I use about a pea-size amount and mix it with my normal foundation. I now use way less foundation because this primer takes away all the red without having to apply layer and layer of foundation.  It may look crazy during your application process, but it’s sooo worth it!


Underneath my crazy polk-a-dots you can see that my complexion is pinkish/red.


Ta-da! A much calmer and even complexion.

3. Baby Powder –Pecksniff’s Grapefruit & Citron Luxuary Talcum Powder

IMG_1810Okay, so basically this is just a really fancy baby powder that smells really good! You can use any baby powder and it would work just the same (I just really like the smell of this one). So what do I use this for? My hair! If you’re like me, your hair looks greasy just one day after washing it (grrr). But, sometimes I don’t have the time to shower or the money to buy dry shampoo every month. So I use baby powder instead. It soaks up any oil in your hair and instantly looks better. Give it a try! And like I said, you can use any kind of baby powder…just make sure your rub it in good so you don’t have a white powdery scalp.



My hair looks greasy when I pull it up, even though I literally washed it 12 hours ago









Sprinkle some powder on, blend it in, and done!

Thanks for reading guys! If you have any beauty hacks you’d like to share, leave a comment. 🙂

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