Six Reasons to be Kind to Your Starbucks Barista

Every morning we see hundreds of you glazed eyed, half-awake coffee addicts coming to get your morning fix, and we do our best to start your day off with a warm cup-o-joe and a friendly smile! But sometimes, despite all effort we aren’t seen as the barista we think we are, but rather an object. We become a product. A product that your body so desperately needs that you forget we are a person. And when the line is taking forever and you are running late for class/work, it’s easy to feel impatient and to take it out on the “slow service” that your barista is providing. But maybe, just maybe we are doing the best we can with three people behind the counter, ringing up 50+ orders per half-hour, heating your bagels, and ensuring that your grande extra hot triple shot non-fat with whip upside down caramel macchiato is at the 193 degrees you asked for.

So, while I understand that not every barista is the most friendly and deserving of a tip, I think that we are all deserving of experiencing more kindness.

To convince you further, here are my Six Reasons to be Kind to Your Starbucks Barista (or any barista for that matter):

  1. We wake up at 3 a.m. to make sure you get your coffee. When you really think about it, waking up at 3 a.m. is almost enough to make you cry.
  2. We make minimum wage and can’t pay our bills so we probably have to go to second job after we get done with our shift.
  3. Chances are our fellow co-worker over slept and we are short-staffed, therefor we are chickens running around with our heads cut off.
  4. We can give you decaf and you would never know – let that one sink in.
  5. The woman before you just yelled at us for putting an inch of non-fat in her coffee instead of 3/4 of an inch.                                                                                                 
  6. We didn’t purposefully spell your name wrong – we legit thought when you said your name was “Evelyn” that it was spelt “Emmalynn”. No! Clearly we heard you wrong!

So, the next time you head into a Starbucks keep in mind we are people just like you!

Any fellow baristas have anything to add? Starbucks drinkers, any thoughts? Add a comment, let me know!     

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