Three Things I do to Reconnect With Myself

This morning I woke up and just didn’t feel like my usual self-kind of sluggish, spacey, and for whatever reason..anxious. I mean jeesh, this all happened before I even finished my cup of coffee! I envisioned having a very productive day getting up to speed on homework and house chores, but my mind and body just did not want to cooperate. So, after about two hours of moping around I decided to force myself out of this mindset. Everyone should have some kind of go to activity that snaps them out of a funk, and for me there are a couple of ways I achieve just that!

IMG_1652 Three things I do when I’m having an “off” day:

  1. Put on a comfortable, light weight sundress that makes me feel pretty without trying too hard.
  2. Go to Whole Foods and get a delicious deli sandwich with a yummy sparkling soda.
  3. Find a relaxing spot in Mother Nature-anywhere with trees, and enjoy my lunch beneath them.

By doing these three things, I  literally take myself out on a little picnic date! That time with myself plus the surrounding environment left me feeling rejuvenated and more connected to my mind and body, thank the lord baby Jesus! Now I can go finish my homework!

How do you reconnect with yourself when you feel off?


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7 thoughts on “Three Things I do to Reconnect With Myself

  1. mrsmelbs says:

    Oh I love this! Taking yourself on dates sounds just like me!! I also take my sorry self outdoors asap. Usually I’ll walk or jog (if I have the energy) around the lake or more recently the hills in my hood. I also take myself to the fancy grocery store and buy something nourishing and light like green juice. The worst thing to do while in a funk? Social media!

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  2. mrsmelbs says:

    I love the idea of taking yourself out on a date! Just my style! I also get myself out of the house ASAP. Doing something that breaks a sweat is usually good like a brisk walk or jog. I also treat myself to a fancy grocery store… I usually buy something really nursing like a green juice. Worst thing to do while in a funk? Read social media!

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