Two beautiful views

SFSU cypress tree.

SFSU cypress tree.

Yesterday was my first day at SF State, and yes it was everything I hoped it would be!

I started my day early in the morning, and got to watch the beautiful sunrise. I saw the ocean on my way to school, the GG Bridge, the Bay Bridge, and the beautiful landscape of SF. And of course the cypress trees reminding me how close the ocean was. I have seen all of these before, but this time it felt different. I had a true purpose entering the city, and It really opened my eyes to just how lucky I was to go to school in one of the most dreamed of cities in the world.

And then I realized I was just going to school there and not living there..

I am a “commuter student”. It took me about 1 hour and 40 minutes from Sonoma. Not too bad If you ask me, more like an adventure! And that’s

Sonoma view.

Sonoma view.

when I remembered how beautiful It is in Sonoma, and how people come from all over the world to vacation there! The landscape in Sonoma is breathtaking, especially from a higher altitude. I visualize how sacred this place must have been when it was discovered, and how it still feels pretty sacred.

So while I may love SF, I also love Sonoma. They both offer me a wonderful perspective, and for now, I am happy I get to experience two beautiful views.

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4 thoughts on “Two beautiful views

  1. 106ferrets says:

    I honestly thought this was going to be another “eye opening college experience” posts, but you put an awesome 21st century spin on it. I hope you’re enjoying both views as much as I enjoy your blog!

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