Beer, BBQ, and Leg Spasms.

This past weekend was the epitome of fun in the sun in California. I could go into detail about each day and how it was filled with people that I love and moments I’ll cherish, but I’d like to just focus on Saturday; beautiful, whimsical Saturday.

Out on the Russian River, Stumptown Brewery threw it’s 13th annual Beer Revival and BBQ Cookoff; a festival kind of experience I’ve never seen before, let alone be apart of. With over 50 breweries showcasing their top beers/ciders and 60 BBQ teams competing for their chance to win the vote’s of the buzzed taste testers, I was in heaven (along with everyone else there). You see, the best part about this whole event was that everything had already been pre-paid, meaning we walked around with our courtesy beer glasses and filled them up every three minutes without  fumbling for money once.


I really believe that not having to focus on money throughout this festival made all the difference. Everyone was just enjoying themselves, mingling, dancing, singing, or promoting their beer or BBQ.

The selection of beer was perfect for the 95 degree weather, IPA’s and a little something for those like myself who enjoy something a little lighter. The BBQ food was amazing. Mouth watering ribs, chicken wings, and more ribs! All I can say is thank god for the stand with the moist towelettes or my face may of well been painted with BBQ sauce.

Aside from the food and beer, a few highlights from the day include:

  1. Saving a woman from her unannounced leg spasm in the middle of the river.

~~ We’ve all experienced a Charley Horse, whether in the pool or in the middle of the night Charley can go die for the pain he puts people through! A vigorously swimming woman, not a care in the world,  hair glued to her wet face had no idea she would experience Charley’s wrath in matter of zero to one hundred. She stopped dead in her breast stroke and leached onto Tony (my BF). “OMG help me! Fuckkkk, hold me hold me!” Tony and I had no idea wtf was happening. “My leg, holy shit balls I’m having a leg spasm, hold me!!”  Instantly, Tony and I were in full blown saving mode. From one Charley Horse victim to the next, you always help a girl/guy out! After 3 minutes of holding her and massaging her leg to a point where she could stand again, she let us know that this was all because she dared herself to go steal this yellow hat off a guy’s head, but then in the pursuit her leg said “fuck you bitch” and she clung to us for dear life. So glad I could be there to share such a real moment with a complete stranger.  Made my day. ~~

2. Complimenting a woman on her necklace and her taking it off an putting it on my neck -literally almost shed a tear, keep your eyes and ears peeled for “Bitches be Beading” a jewelry line coming to stores near you!

This is Pat, the woman who gave me the necklace she was wearing-which is on my neck in this photo.

This is Pat, the woman who gave me the necklace she was wearing-which is on my neck in this photo.

3.Swimming in the river splashing the Burke’s Canoes as they went by.

But nothing really compares to the friends I was with, and the views that surrounded us. I am forever grateful to live in such a beautiful part of the world, Sonoma County you are my home! What a blissful adventure it was.

Unitl next time Stumptown.

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