from texts to text.

So, I guess I should start off by saying: I work at Starbucks, I’ve been there for almost 4 years.image In that time, I have made thousands of drinks, woken up at 3 am one too many times, and have met some pretty incredible human beings. But when I’m not slinging extra caramel Frappuccinos, I am organizing, highlighting, and creating communication boards for my store! It brings me so much joy to inform partners about the upcoming promotions we’ll be involved in or the amazing benefits we have that “you should totally take advantage of”!  Seattle sends us our internal communications via a portal on our back computer, then I review and print them,  and then pin them to a cork board for all partners to get excited about! There’s just one little problem…No one reads them! While this could be a mixture of laziness, poor general communication within the store, or just being oblivious I think there is something else.

These printouts of our “weekly updates” are packed with lengthy paragraphs, black and white photos, and not a lot of visually pleasing elements. As most Starbucks workers these days are millennials, our brains are so programmed to short texts, tweets, captions, memes, and gifs. A full page of text just isn’t easy enough for us to read, especially when given no time off the floor to read it.

So, with that in mind I created my very on “weekly update”. Something I think more partners would digest and therefor be better informed. I created this for fun, but hope to someday share it with my fellow partners to get their opinions.

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