Three Things That Make Me Feel Alive.

Sometimes I sit and ponder, “what makes me happy?” And then I think that there isn’t really one thing I can totally depend on that brings me happiness. People, places, and things are always changing, so I question the validity of my happiness and if it’s just a series of temporary thrills or if it’s something more. But, there are three things that through the years have brought me pure happiness, three things that I can always depend on making me feel alive!

And what are those three things?

1. Home-Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros- You know when you hear a song over 100 times it just loses it’s excitement? That can never happen with this song. Every time I hear it, I am elated with emotion. No matter what phase or time of life I’m in, this song lifts my spirits so high I feel like I can fly. Cheesy, I know! But I’ve had so many moments where this song has been playing and it’s like nothing else in the world matters.

2. Peanut Butter- Slightly embarrassing to admit that peanut butter makes me feel alive, but holy hell..whoever invented peanut butter, I hope you know how many people love you! Add it to your apple, swipe it on your toast, and when your really craving it off a spoon. For me, there is no greater satisfaction.

3. Tree’s- Tree’s are the most majestic, beautiful, and wise artifacts of our planet. Each tree has something unique about it, some kind of regal element that makes me so curious about them. How long have they been there? What has happened in the world around them over the many years of their lives? It sounds silly, but tree’s are full of so much truth and knowledge. Just check out the rings of their trunks, you can go through history and tell if it was a wet year or a dry year! Tree’s amaze me and remind me of how wonderful it is to be alive.

What 3 things make you feel most alive?


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