Social media.

As of now, I thought that my social media presence was pretty strong.Each day I start my morning scrolling through FB, checking my Instagram where I double tap a few pictures of my friends late night selfie’s, and then I move onto Twitter where I read all the “Text’s From Last Night” and quietly laugh in my seat at the start of class. It never dawned on me that I actually could use all of these app’s and social media platforms to my advantage.

I have recently joined PRSSA, a public relations club at SJSU. They have enlightened me on the need to see social media as a tool and not just some passive activity to pass time. Using FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. is a way of marketing yourself to future employers. It a way to network with other people who have the job I want! How have I been so clueless? Clearly social media isn’t just about stalking people on FB, it’ about creating a presence for yourself and sharing what makes you unique.

Too often I thought of social media as a roadblock to everyday life, something that gets in the way of making real connections and interactions. Yet, what I failed to see is that social media is the gateway to showcasing who I am on print and media. Of course face-to-face interactions are preferred for any context, but social media can be used to back up my verbal words. It is a portfolio of digital ideas, messages, works, etc. And now I must get up to speed on showing the world all of the thoughts I have in my head and have yet to share. Sure, Id prefer to write in my leather bound journal for my own personal self-reflection, but if I can use my writing here to further my goals tomorrow; by golly, here I am!

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